Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Hello reader. Yesterday I tried to make up for over a week of PC issues (by which I mean Personal Computer issues, not, for example, describing the only black person in a group of white people by the colour of the shirt which they are wearing. Or vice versa, I added, being very PC. Not the computer), by completeing a week's worth of blog in one go. After around two hours of painfully slow typing, there was an ominous red warning message from this blog's hosts, and all typing was lost. After swearing profusely, threatening my 'c*nting, f*cking, lazy-ar*e, sh*t-for-brains, w*nky, f*cking, sh*t-wasp(?)' of a computer, and throwing a mouse (a real one), I decided that, owing to my brush with a heart-attack a couple of years ago (I will reveal all another time!), it would be a good idea to start blogging again tomorrow. That is to say, today. I will, however, post each missing day one at a time, thereby minimising the risk of cardiac arrest.

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